Did you know? Approximately 2/3 of emergency room visits for adults 65-85+ are for falls, considered a leading cause of injury-related death.

or that…

Poor hearing may increase the risk of falls which can reduce mobility, ability to perform daily activities and life expectancy?

At home, work and play, we are at the risk of falling every day. While many falls may happen accidentally, it is essential to do all we can to prevent them.

Within our brains there are shared pathways between hearing and balance related structures. Those with hearing challenges often have difficulties with postural balance, an important factor in standing and walking stability. When one has fewer sensory cues, as in not hearing well, it is more difficult to sense and navigate hazards in activities of daily living.

The strongest single risk factor for fractures is falling and not osteoporosis. Hearing, to the best of your ability, can reduce this risk while helping you experience precious sounds during daily conversations and social activities such as dining out. We want to ensure you and your loved ones will be happy to hear for years to come. Please talk to us and get trusted advice that will help you make more well-informed decisions.


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