As your Communication Wellness advocates, with May being Better Hearing & Speech month, we take this “Silence is Lonely” poem to heart.

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With the sounds of Spring in the air, from chirping birds to children’s playgrounds or waterfalls to walks in the park, boosting your auditory abilities inspires us. On purpose, we want you to be Happy to Hear, for life!

As your hearing care journey evolves, we partner in success, always listening carefully. By investing quality time to understand your daily challenges, in noisy environments or on the phone, as examples, we identify lifestyle goals, personalized solutions and expert plans of care which are the right fit. In fact, despite confusing information commonly seen in the marketplace, one solution, size, style or budget does not fit all. Quite the contrary.

Then, there is the matter of trust…

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do.” Benjamin Spock

You can trust us. We realize investing in personalized solutions, whether hearing devices or accessories, are important decisions and commitments for you, personally and financially. Just as your changing vision over the years demands new prescriptions, navigating life’s soundtrack makes continuity of care vital. When our mutual efforts begin, evidence-based diagnostics and compassionate conversations facilitate our assessment of your hearing status, associated medical conditions and activities of daily living goals. While advanced hearing devices provide the platform, our personalized solutions are the method.

Even when personalized solutions are properly determined and brought to life, by definition, Communication Wellness involves your family, friends and colleagues. With experience and valuable feedback from folks like you, we share practical strategies all involved should benefit from, at home, work and play, every day.

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You deserve a hearing care professional who strictly adheres to the highest standards of care with expert evaluation and reputable education. At Chippendale Audiology, with our years of formal training, along with decades of clinical experience, your communication wellness is our passion.

Please contact us to schedule your personal consultation and encourage loved ones to follow your lead. As Spring’s beauty is a sight to see, we genuinely want to empower you to hear your best and live life to the fullest. May we see you soon?

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