Did you know? In 2018, an estimated 5.7 million American of all ages had Alzheimer’s disease, and that every sixty seconds someone new develops the disease. For those over 60 years old, the risk of dementia is closely related to the severity of your hearing loss. 


How does hearing loss relate to dementia?

There is intensive study on this vital topic and epidemic disease. Current research indicates that hearing
difficulty, social isolation, and shared brain function pathways may require that more cognitive resources
be applied to hearing. When that happens, it reduces the availability of those cognitive resources for
working memory.


How can we learn more about how treating hearing loss relates to dementia risk?

The best answer is to get expert advice on your personal situation and medical history. Your trusted
hearing care Doctor will explain how a family history of dementia or hearing loss may pose an increased
risk for you or your loved ones. By making well-informed decisions, you may be able to delay or prevent
the onset of dementia.

Get annual evaluations to discover:

  • If you have hearing loss or are at risk
  • The type of hearing loss that you may have
  • How you hearing health and quality of life can be improved

To learn more about Dementia, visit the Alzheimer’s Association website.

Please take this survey to better understand how hearing loss may affect you in everyday listening situations.

Check all that apply below and see your hearing health expert for a personal consultation.

  • I have difficulty understanding speech in the presence of background noise or in a crowded restaurant.
  • I avoid social situations that require me to participate in conversations.
  • I avoid the movies or theater because I miss so much.
  • I have greater difficulty understanding females and children.
  • My family and friends complain that I am not hearing accurately.
  • Others notice that I the volume on my television or radio too loud.
  • I have difficult conversing on the telephone.
  • I ask others to repeat themselves often during conversations.

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