After 25 years, We Moved Our Offices!

Our new address is 1224 Del Prado Blvd. S. – Suite C. Cape Coral, FL 33990

We are less than one mile South of our previous office, in the same street

Come soon to takeĀ a look at our new place and State-of-the-Art equipment!

We have the experience

At Chippendale Audiology we have the experience and training to find the most appropriate solutions for our patients. We offer the best in hearing aid technology and use the latest equipment to make optimal use of our patients’ specific hearing capacity.
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Read our Hearing Center Interview

Healthy Hearing, a website dedicated to educate persons about hearing loss and hearing aids, recently interviewed the owner of the practice, Maura Chippendale, M.Ed., FAAA, BC-ABA, to learn more about her work and the technology she uses to better help patients.

Click HERE to read the interview!

Definition of Audiologic Care

Audiologic Care is the protection, preservation, evaluation and treatment of the hearing and balance functions of the human audio-vestibular system, and is provided ONLY by audiologists, either individually or as part of a health care team, who use their professional skills to improve the quality of life for each patient.

If you want to maximize the chances of improving your hearing, see an Audiologist.

Who should use Hearing Technology?

Anyone who wants to keep their hearing at its utmost best. There is no specific age level or social level that dictates the need for good hearing. We all deserve to hear well to stay connected, stay engaged and to enjoy life.

Hearing health is just as important as our vision and oral health. Routine check-ups help keep our hearing working at its best.

The Importance of Hearing

Good hearing allows us to communicate effectively. It allows us to work efficiently, to socialize and make connections with each other. Hearing allows us to interact with the world and alerts us of changes in the environment.

Hearing is a critical sense that impacts every aspect of our lives and because of that, it is important that our hearing be maintained so we can be at our best.

Working with an Audiologist

Every hearing loss is unique and every patient has their own needs. Hearing aid fitting must be personalized, taking into account not only the patient’s hearing loss, but also their listening situations, hearing needs, personal preferences and budget.

With regards to hearing solutions, one size does not fit all.

Why Chippendale Audiology?

Honesty, integrity, knowledge and experience, as well as compassion for our patients, sets us apart from the chain stores. We are a small business with a giant heart.

We have been servicing Lee County for over 25 years in the same location, providing second-to-none audiological services and fitting a complete line of hearing devices that meet our customers’ needs, lifestyles and budgets.